Welcome to Arts for Meds to Support Ukraine!

About us

Direct Impact Collective by FRAC [501(c)(3)]

We are a collaborating team of volunteers from different countries and professional backgrounds, who contribute their time, resources, and expertise to support Ukrainian people fighting for their lives and freedom.

We focus on raising funds, and on sourcing requested critical supplies to support the real time niche needs of medical personnel serving those affected by current war in Ukraine. The activities are based on established humanitarian aid channel contracts and permits. The items we provide include first aid, disposable field surgery accessories and other basic medical supplies, clothing and footwear, gear bags, specialty infant diets, and other critical care articles based on specified and approved official aid request lists.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to maximize available resources to improve wartime survival, as well as to establish sustainable support system for Ukrainians rebuilding their lives under ongoing military aggression towards civilian population.


100% of resources collected by members of FRAC are utilized towards charity and humanitarian aid according to contracts between legally accredited non-profit organizations in the US and government appointed personnel in Ukraine. FRAC members and its affiliates, including the artists and contributors, are not compensated for their work and services, and participate on volunteer basis. No portion of the collected donations is applied towards administrative costs or any types of commercial activities.