Young Artists

International children’s art contest and exhibition “Our peaceful home”

Міжнародний дитячий конкурс-виставка «Наш мирний дім»

Concours international d’art pour enfants et exposition

“Nos maison paisibles”

To enter:

  • upload a file (format: jpg, jpeg, png. Maximum size 10 MB) of artwork and fill out the entry form at
  • Visit the exhibit galleries on here >> and Facebook, and stay tuned for program activities on the dedicated page
  • Receive certificates, awards, and participation gifts

Event description

Many children lack proper nutrition, clothing, basic school supplies. Many children stopped participating in after schools activities due to the war and displacement. They all stay strong in the face of atrocities, and work on building a better future despite the war.

Like in many other war torn countries, Ukrainian children are facing unforeseen difficulties a year into an active war in their homeland. Many of these kids have not seen their parents for a while, but hold on to the hope that they will come back home.

Working through pain and the uncertainties through creativity has great healing power both at individual and societal levels. Children harness that creative power to shape their vision of a better world for themselves and everyone around.

This art exhibit is not about a competition, but about building a platform for cultural exchange between children in different countries.
Contributed artwork showcases the strive for a happier healthier peaceful future. Their values, most cherished moments, hopes, their dreams, the most important things kids want to share with the world, as they are getting to know it, are all reflected in their artwork.

The funds raised during this event will provide critical vitamins, food, clothing, personal hygiene products, and school supplies to Ukrainian children in need.