What we do

Our focus and projects

Medical supplies

The medical personnel in Ukraine that works with Direct Impact provides regularly updated request lists of medical supplies needed by doctors and emergency response workers. We work with these lists to source and deliver these medical need items such as general first aid including tourniquets, occlusive bandages, hemorrhage control, over the counter pain and fever medication, trauma treatments, as well as specialty items such surgical suture and tools supplies.


We source and deliver specialty clothing and luggage items from the US to support Ukrainian soldiers. To optimize available resources, reduce transportation costs, and to support sustainable flow of aid, we also established relationships and worked out bulk purchase deals with local clothing and footwear manufacturers in Ukraine and Poland. Locally produced and delivered items include thermal wear, socks, winter hats, tactical shoes, and military grade winter sleeping bags.

Food and personal hygiene

We collaborate with international organizations and local Ukrainian volunteers to source food, drinking water, and personal care items such as wet napkins, dry shower kits, hand warmers, and other necessities.

Raising funds and awareness

FRAC, Fund for Research of Ancient Civilization, is a US based non-profit organization with a long history of supporting educational and cultural sectors in Ukraine. Today, the members and collaborators host concerts, exhibits, and other public events that raise international awareness of Ukrainian history, culture, as well as current issues and needs. Numerous visual and performing artists contribute their work to programs organized by FRAC to support the cause and to raise funds. Reproduction of artwork is available upon request to donors.

Online gallery of the contributed artwork can be found:


Updates and event descriptions for visual and performing arts can be found at a website dedicated to a current collaborative fundraising program in Norwich, UK:

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