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Turning pain into prevention has been the objective for many in science & medicine. Now, more than ever, preventing loss of life has become the driving force behind collaborations between many professionals across the globe to support Ukrainian health care staff during current military aggression toward Ukrainian population. This initiative was behind organizing Direct Impact Collective by FRAC.

FRAC, Fund for Research of Ancient Civilization, is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with many years of experience servicing cultural and historical awareness and education. Currently, the organization has expended its support to provide critical items needed by Ukrainians to survive. We organize programs that allow people from various professional backgrounds to collaborate openly and freely in a time of need.

Programs such as Arts for Meds and Direct Impact Collective provide open platforms for volunteers to share their expertise to resources to provide Ukrainian medical personnel with critical first aid, medical, as well as emergency and personal care items.

The professional scope of our members and collaborators includes scientists, doctors, artists, journalists, as well as IT, logistics, manufacturing, and transportation specialists.

International communities have come together during this human tragedy to support Ukrainians in need. People from various countries connected via humanitarian aid organizations, as well as volunteer and wartime supply centers. Below are examples of help inquiries and letters of gratitude from some of the organizations in Ukraine that we have worked with during this past year.

Info Art Frontier Ukraine
Headquarters of Defense of Prykarpattia