Granborough Open Gardens

Granborough Open Gardens

As part of Granborough Open Gardens – June 2022.

We are pleased to announce a special exhibition “AZOV – LIFE through a LENS”

of works by Ukrainian photographers: Dmytro Kozatsky and Ruslan Ganushchak.

Both of them share a big love and dedication to the beauty of native land, and both of them being on the press service of the Regiment of Special Purpose “AZOV” fighting for freedom. For the world, where people communicate, inspire, and support each other, collaborate in many ways and share resources and ideas. Were people find a brotherhood of passionate hearts that utilize their talents to inform the world that the ongoing fight for democracy will never cease, as we will always support each other and our work towards the common good.

In this exposition we honour all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country in defence of freedom and democracy, also honour the bravery of Ukrainian soldiers who have been guarding these principles and values in defence of their homeland since 2014, against Russia’s ongoing, unprovoked war against Ukraine, its people and its culture.  


along with a whole group of amazing people have been collecting, sorting and arranging the distribution of humanitarian aid to the Polish borders and into Ukraine itself. 

With the help and support of so many people in our lovely villages, so much aid has been safely delivered to people who have been affected by the devastation caused by the Russian Army in Ukraine.

The heroism of the defenders of the Regiment of Special Purpose “AZOV”, Marines, border guards and other security forces of the last fortress of the Azov Region impressed Ukraine and the World.

They need support from all corners of this world, the Heroes need to be brought home!

FREE AZOV!!!             FREE UKRAINE!!!

We thank you for being a part of our vibrant and caring community!

We continue to #StandWithUkraine and encourages you to do also.